Genevieve Gauthier
They came to my rescue to get the season started, with the first two runs. Great customer service, quick response, amazing work. I have the best cut grass on the street!!
Genevieve Gauthier
Vionna Liang
Rob is very knowledgeable for lawn issues and maintenance. He shared many useful tips with me on lawn care. I know I’m in good hands, very happy that I signed up for his services.
Vionna Liang
Joan Olinik
Manotick Yardz- Rob Cornish...did an amazing job of cleaning up my yard..and cutting the grass..His work refreshed my yard and it looks amazing.. I would highly recommend Manotick Yardz and will be using the lawn services on a regular basis...Thank you
Joan Olinik
Roger Liddle
He does a great job cutting and trimming the lawn grass. Highly recommend this business.
Roger Liddle
Zachary King
Rob has been great to deal with. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my grass and rob consistently delivers. Not having to mow my own lawn, but knowing it will be cut to my high standards is comforting. If you’re looking for grounds keeping help in the city, Manotick Yardz should be your first choice
Zachary King


Groundskeeping by the Yard

We cut, clean and beautify your yard so you have more quality time to enjoy it.

Nice lawn
Freshly cut

Yards Make Impressions

The green space around our homes provides the setting in which they are judged. An otherwise attractive home with a poorly kept yard casts a shadow over the presumed condition inside.

Lawn Hierarchy of Needs

A healthy lawn has needs that start with the fundamental elements necessary for growth and rise to the care that it is given on an ongoing basis. Most new subdivision homes are received with sufficient top soil and established sod with a seed variety suitable to local growing conditions. The layout of the property will determine whether all areas receive sufficient sunlight to thrive.

From this excellent start, the condition of the lawn depends on the continuing efforts of its caregivers and the local weather. Just like a hungry teenager, our lawns require regular feedings. Fertiliser should be applied during the growing season to give your lawn the nutrition it needs. Likewise, one of the most important maintenance items is regular watering. Most of the time the high growth season will provide much of the water needed, but by mid-summer you can readily see who waters their grass and who doesn’t. Without enough water that brown dormant grass may not survive and that’s when weeds do their best to fill the gaps left behind.

Assuming the grass is fed and watered, regular mowing helps the lawn thicken and resist weed infiltration. Mowing things short to try to stretch out the interval just stresses and damages the lawn. Instead of developing a lush lawn with a good root structure the lawn struggles to replace what has been removed.

It happens gradually, but eventually most of the yards in the neighbourhood begin to look a little rough. The few properties seem to thrive no matter what. Their owners are always out in the yard looking after things but who has time for that? We understand and are available to help. It’s as easy as clicking on the Get Estimate button and help will be on the way.

Raise the Bar

New houses usually start out with a very presentable lawn provided by the builder. Over time they tend to degrade from that pristine state. Be the house that everyone envies.

Continuous Support

Time is precious and other priorities compete for your attention. We provide the support you need through the growth seasons. We will help with the repetitive lawn care chores that you may not have enough time for.


Commercial equipment and insurance. Expect good results and have confidence that we are not a liability while working at your property.

“We’ll make your neighbours green. Why be left out?”

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